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E-Commerce Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

General Questions

  • Does your ecommerce site include a shopping cart?

    Answer: Yes, each netiDnow eCommerce plan includes everything you need to setup an online store. Each store includes a product catalog, integrated shopping cart, secure checkout and online order management.

  • What is a merchant account?

    Answer: A merchant account is a special type of bank account that enables you to accept credit cards.

  • Is a merchant account included with your shopping cart?

    Answer: No, we do not provide a merchant account with your store. If you already have a merchant account, contact your merchant account provider to find out if it will integrate with your store. If you don't already have a merchant account, click here to find out about our competitively priced merchant accounts.

  • What is a payment gateway? Do I need one?

    Answer: A payment gateway is a service that allows your website to integrate with your merchant account to collect transactions in real time. You will need a payment gateway to manage the actual verification and processing of online credit card payments.

  • What payment gateways do you support?

    Answer: We support all of the major gateways. This includes, Verisign PayFlow Pro, Linkpoint API. The complete list is available within the Store Admin under "Payment Methods/Merchant Account". You can also view them by going here

  • Do I have to have a merchant account and gateway to setup my store?

    Answer: No, our stores can be used with a wide variety of payment methods such as PayPal standard or Google Checkout. You can even setup a store to take orders and then bill your customers with a printed invoice from our system. Either way each store is fully equipped to process and collect orders for your products.

  • How do I setup my website to use my merchant account?

    Answer: Your merchant account provider will provide you with the login information for the gateway your merchant account will use. Go to the Store tab of your website control panel and select the "Payment Methods/Merchant Account" link. Then select the gateway you were given in the drop down list of gateways and click the "Set" button. Then enter in the login information for your gateway and click the Test button. If everything is setup correctly the test should pass. Once it does, go to your store and order an item to verify that you have everything setup correctly.

  • What else is included in each ecommerce site?

    Answer: In addition to the shopping cart we provide you with a complete ecommerce admin environment. This includes a customer database, order history, order reports, product import, and full export capabilities.

  • Is your shopping cart secure?

    Answer: Yes. We utilize SSL throughout the checkout process to ensure that a customer's personal information is always encrypted. Viewing order details from within your store is also done through an encrypted SSL link. Also, all credit card information is kept encrypted on the server.

  • Does your shopping cart work with PayPal and Google Checkout?

    Answer: Yes. You can use PayPal standard, PayPal Payments Pro or Google Checkout to process orders.

  • If I already have a website can I just use your shopping cart?

    Answer: Yes, you can link from your website to a store hosted on our systems.

  • How are orders processed on my site?

    Answer: Most of the system is automated. To get started all you need to do is go to the store manager and enter your products into your store catalog. This will automatically setup them up for your shopping cart and make them available for ordering via your site. When orders are made you will be notified via email. Simply login to your site and click the store manager to view and process orders.

  • How do I setup a product search box?

    Answer: If the product search box is available in your plan, go to the page you want to add search to and select the green "Add" drop down arrow. From here, select Ecommerce under categories and you will see the Product Search Box. If this feature is not available, contact support for information on how to have it added to your plan.

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