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Merchant Accounts
ECommerce Merchant Accounts, Internet Merchant Account Services

What is a merchant account and why do you need it? Simply put, merchant accounts allow your business to accept credit cards as payment in person, over the telephone, by mail order, or over the Internet. You must have a merchant account if you want to be able to accept credit cards from your customers.


Total Merchant Services


Did you know that when you accept credit cards online, you can expect your sales to increase by an astounding 50 to 400 percent? If you operate a retail location a merchant account is simply a must. You just can't compete if you don't accept credit cards. netiDnow and Total Merchant Services (TMS), are working together to provide our customers with affordable merchant accounts and a comprehensive line of payment solutions for all types of business. These include retail storefronts, restaurants, hotels, service companies, wireless merchants and mail, telephone or internet order business.

If you are trying to build an online store or and Ecommerce shopping cart and want to process credit cards for Internet, telephone, or mail order transactions, you'll need a special merchant account specifically designed for that purpose. Because you never take physical possession of a credit card so that you can swipe it through a magnetic strip reader, both Visa and Mastercard use different criteria for evaluating risk and have different fee structures for card-not-present transactions. Total Merchant Services can help you easily establish such merchant accounts and the entire process will take just minutes of your time and you'll be up and running in a matter of days.


  • Real-time verification
    Get real-time credit card verification with One-Click repeat shopping by simply adding provided HTML code to your web site for any Internet merchant account.
  • Transaction Administration Area
    Lets you prepare research and reports, import batches, export data, chart sales, and assemble and submit transaction batches.
  • Order Administration Area
    Track sales trends by amount, sale period, custom account codes, product information, location or e-mail addresses.
  • E-mail Management
    Configure your web site to automatically send follow-up e-mail to enhance customer service.
  • HelpDesk
    Get the help you need when you need it.

Costs, Rates and Fees:
Merchant Account setup $49 (One-Time Cost)
Discount Rate 2.25% for Visa/MasterCard Transactions
Per Item Fee $.15 (includes Address Verification Service)
Monthly Statement Fee $10
Monthly Gateway Payment Fee $15

Contact Info
Total Merchant Services
1637 Oakwood Drive
Suite South 408
Penn Valley, PA 19072

Phone: 877-456-8956
Fax: 240-220-4011


WebStudio website builder provides an integrated ecommerce website design and shopping cart software solution you can set up and manage in minutes. Our easy to use web based interface will guide you through the whole design process. Although our eStore packages include everything you need to build an ecommerce website and accept orders you will still need a merchant account (obtained separately) to process credit card transactions. Click here for a free trail of our ecommerce store plan or read more about our website builder solution here.

Other Merchant Account Solutions
PayPal is a popular choice for payment processing for many people. PayPal standard and Pro solutions are already integrated into our shopping cart software, all you have to do is fill in your ecommerce merchant account information and you are ready to go. To sign up for a PayPal account click here.

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