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WebStudio is much more than just another run of the mill website builder. It is also a powerful ecommerce solution. With its integrated catalog builder, shopping cart software, and secure checkout it creates a complete design and management environment. Building an ecommerce website has never been easier, no programming or special experience is necessary, and it's all done using your browser.

Our WebStore plans include all of the website design features that come with regular websites, but with the addition of the ecommerce solution we also include more disk space and bandwidth appropriate for ecommerce operations. Below you will find more information on just a some of the features offered with our WebStores, but the best way to see them all in action is to sign up for a fully functional Free Trial.


Online Store Features
dozens of integrated features like store management, shopping cart and much more

Complete Store Management

Professional Shopping Cart

WebStudio online stores include just about everything you will need to do business online. Use the catalog builder to easily setup your products and categories, customize product display options, and manage inventory. The store administration area will allow you to control shopping cart settings like shipping calculations, checkout options, sales tax, and setup of payment options. Easily manage your orders, process payments, and communicate with your customers all from one location.


Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Complete Store Management

Our shopping cart software is tightly integrated to work with the website design tools and product catalog so there is no programming involved to get it setup. Just because our shopping cart is easy to use and manage does not mean it lacks in features. We have been at this for over a decade now, and just about every important option necessary for effective online sales has been included.


Secure Checkout

Secure Checkout

As a complete solution our online shopping cart also includes a secure checkout environment to facilitate transaction processing. There is no need to purchase and install a separate SSL certificate, we already provide all of that for you. The shopping cart and checkout process use the highest industry standard of encryption to ensure that all transaction data and customer's sensitive personal information is always safe.


Dozens of Integrated Payment Gateways

Dozens of integrated payment gateways

Dozens of integrated payment processing gateways give you plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your merchant account service. Setting up your merchant account is as easy as providing your gateway account ID. For those who are just starting out, our shopping cart also supports other popular payment solution such as PayPal and Google Checkout. These payment solutions are usually easy to obtain and have little or no upfront costs. Below is the list of currently integrated payment gateways and solutions:

  • BeanStream
  • CommWeb
  • DSP-PaymentExpress
  • Echo
  • EFT Secure
  • epsSecureNet
  • eWay
  • eProcessingNetwork
  • GoEMerchant
  • Google Checkout
  • HSBC
  • Innovative Merchant Solutions
  • InternetSecure
  • iTransact
  • LinkPoint
  • Network Merchants
  • PayJunction
  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPoint- MCPE Bank
  • PayTrace
  • Plug'nPay
  • PRI Merchants
  • Protx-VSP Direct
  • PSiGate
  • SecPay
  • SecurePay
  • Sterling
  • USA ePay
  • Verisign Australia
  • Verisign Payflow Pro
  • viaKlix
  • Virtual Merchant
  • WorldPay

Order Processing and Management

Order processing and management

Your store will automatically notify you via email when new orders come in. To view and process the orders simply login to your website, click the store tab, and click view orders. From there, processing the order, finalizing the transaction and updating the customer is just a few clicks away.



Flexible Shipping and Tax Options

Flexible Shipping and tax options

Configure your store to automatically add sales tax to orders when required. You can setup tax to be based on state, zip code, or country. Use integrated shipping calculations from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL to automate and simplify your shipping operation. Other custom options and rules allow for greater amount of flexibility to really fine tune the shopping calculations to suit your needs.


Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Built-in inventory control options allow you to track product inventory levels and send out alerts to keep you informed. Once a product is out of stock, our shopping cart software will automatically prevent your customers from checking out with that item.


Import Export

Import Export

Use the import/export feature to import products into your store product catalog and export data from your store into a comma separated file (csv).


Coupon Manager

Coupon Manager

The coupon manager feature enables you to create and manage your own unique coupons. Offering discounts and promotions to your customers is as easy as point and click.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

WebStudio online stores give you the ability to create and sell gift certificates which can be redeemed on future purchase in your store.


Customer Rewards


Do you want to build customer loyalty and create repeat traffic to your online store? Use customer rewards to entice your customers to shop with you again and again by offering them reward points based on percentage of sales. The customer can then redeem those points in form of a gift certificate to shop on your website.


Ecommerce Tracking

Ecommerce Tracking

Our shopping cart software uses a built-in ecommerce tracking system which allows you to determine where your orders are coming from. The system has the ability to track referring URL's, custom URL's and 3rd party tracking codes, and even affiliate tracking and management options.


Downloadable Products

Downloadable Products

Do you want to sell electronic products such as ebooks and downloadable files? Our online shopping cart software offers an option for this as well. Downloadable products are automatically configured with a secure/timed download link. This link is only valid for a limited time to protect your product from being downloaded for free, or over and over again by anybody who has the link.


Subscriptions/Recurring Billing

Subscriptions/recurring billing

Easily setup subscription based products and automate recurring billing. This option does require a full merchant account with a processing gateway.


Customization Options/International Settings

Customization Options/international settings

Use the advanced store/international settings area to customize your store's shopping cart and checkout labels, store currency, and VAT tax display.


Customer Database

Customer database

Your online store keeps a customer database which includes all customers who purchased from your website. You can easily manage these accounts, look up customer information, order history, reset passwords, and more.


Mobile Store Admin

Mobile Store Admin

View orders and customer information on your mobile phone. Access website statistics and information directly from your web enabled phone or mobile device.


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