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Build a website or an ecommerce webstore in minutes, WebStudio website builder makes it easy. Everything you need to build your own website or run a successful ecommerce business is included in one, easy to use package.

If you can point and click you can build your own website, there is no programming involved. WebStudio's advanced design tools will let you customize colors, fonts, banners, build logos, add images, links, Flash, and multimedia files. Our extensive list of built-in applications and pre-programmed components will make setting up forms, message boards, FAQ pages, photo galleries, mobile websites, and social networking as easy as using your internet browser. Web hosting and email are included in all plans to make this a complete website solution.

Below are just a few features our WebStudio website builder offers. The best way to see it in action, however, is to sign up for a fully functional Free Trial.


Website Builder Features
dozens of integrated features like social networking, SEO, image galleries, and much more


Fully customizable templates and layouts

Fully customizable templates and layouts

WebStudio website builder has been designed from the ground up to give you the greatest amount of flexibility and customization options. You can easily integrate your own logos, graphics, html code, and much more just by clicking a few buttons. See the complete list of features Webstudio plans offer.




Without any knowledge of HTML, users can create a website with multiple levels of navigation and an unlimited number of page layouts.


Social Networking

Social Networking

WebStudio website builder offers integrated social networking components which allow you to quickly setup links to the most popular social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, linkedin,digg and more. Visitors to your website can use these links to share your content with their friends via all of the top social networks helping to promote your website.


Interactive Components

Interactive components

With WebStudio website builder, adding interactive components such image galleries, flash animations, Java applets, message boards, polling booths, online surveys, calendars, custom web forms, is as easy as clicking a button.


Hosting, Email and Domains

Hosting, email and domains

All WebStudio website builder plans include hosting and email. Domain registration is available but you can use your existing domain as well. Unlike other similar services, we provide a complete, reliable solution which allows you to easily manage your online presence from anywhere and at any time.


Traffic Statistics

Traffic Statistics

Track visitors to your website with detailed site traffic statistics. WebStudio website builder offers basic and advanced traffic analytics to help you evaluate your websites performance. You can also integrate third party tracking software such as Google analytics if you prefer.


Marketing and SEO

Website design guide

Once you build a website you will want to submit it to the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Our WebStudio website builder will guide you through this process as well. The "Site Marketing" section of your control panel covers search engine optimization for better rankings, and other website marketing techniques to help you succeed.


Website Design Guide

Marketing and SEO

Our extensive marketing and SEO Center also includes a handy website design guide which includes lots of valuable information and design tips to help you build a successful website.


Live Chat

Live Chat

BizLiveChat is an add-on option and a perfect tool to connect with your customers in real time. The BizLiveChat admin console allows you to monitor visitors as they navigate your website and engage them at any time. You will be able to see what pages visitors are on, where they came from and how long they have been on your site.


User Accounts

User Accounts

WebStudio website builder allows for creation and management of user accounts and user groups. These accounts can be used to restrict site access or allow special privileges in case of "membership sites". You can also build account based mailing lists, track affiliate account, and much more.


Mailing List

Mailing List

The mailing list feature allows setup and manage multiple mailing lists and send bulk promotional or informational email to your subscribers. Easily insert the integrated mailing list component into your web pages to allow your visitors to subscribe to your mailing lists directly from your website.


Mobile Website Builder

Mobile Website Builder

The mobile website builder allows you to create web pages formatted especially for mobile devices like smart phones or tablets. Mobile pages have reduced content so they load faster and look good on smaller screens.


Image Editor

Image editor

The image editor allows you to easily upload and manage images on your site with the image components. Choose from a single image to a pre-programmed image gallery or rotator.


Text Editor

Text editor

The text editor will allow you to enter and format text on your website. To use the text editor you simply type or paste your text into the editor.


Image Display Galleries and Sliders

Image display galleries and sliders

The image components will add images to your pages. There is a single image, a linked image and many other image gallery layouts. The site builder photo galleries components allow you to easily setup pages to display your photos and images.




Use the audio/video components to add audio and video files to your website. Choose from the browser plugin player, the integrated flash media player, or YouTube.


Form Builder

Form builder

The form builder component makes setting up even complicated forms a snap. Since everything is tightly integrated, there is nothing else to configure and no email scripts to bother with. Use forms to collect information from visitors to your website and have that information emailed to you or stored in a file.


Database Pages

Database pages

The AppDB is simple but easy to use database application which allows you to build pages with sortable/searchable data tables which can be customized with your own field names.


Blogs and Forums


Want to add a blog or a forum to your site? No problem, it's as easy as creating a new page. Our blogs and forums have the same common functionality as most other platforms out there. Use the blog to engage your visitors with fresh and interesting content and gain better search engine rankings.


Online Store Features
Complete Ecommerce Store Management

WebStudio website builder is also a powerful ecommerce solution. With its integrated catalog builder, shopping cart, and secure checkout it creates a complete design and management environment. Building an ecommerce website has never been easier, no programming or special experience is necessary. Please click here for more information on our ecommerce stores.

If you are ready to start building your store now, just sign up for a free trial below.

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