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Account Activation
Learn how the site building system works

  1. Trial overview
  2. Activate your account
  3. How long does the trial period last?
  4. Can I have my own domain name?
  5. Do you provide email accounts?

Trial overview

During the trial period you can get your site started and learn how the site building system works. If you have any questions about getting started, view the support center for more information. You do not need to activate your account to try the service.

Activate your account & getting your domain name setup

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click the activate button.
  3. Fill out your contact information on the activation form.
  4. Enter your billing information.
  5. Review the terms of service.
  6. Click the signup button to activate your account and signup for service.

How long does the trial period last?

The trial period lasts 10 days. You can activate your account at any time during the trial period

Can I have my own domain name?

Yes, after you activate your account, click the setup web address option. You can choose to either register a new domain name or have your existing name setup on your site.

Do you provide email accounts?

Yes, when your site is setup in your domain the email accounts link becomes available to setup email addresses.

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