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Advanced Ecommerce Features
Ecommerce Features: Discounts coupons, Gift certificates, Track your orders

  1. How to use coupons
  2. Gift certificates
  3. Track your orders
  4. Adding product search to your site

How to use coupons

A coupon provides a means for you to give a discount to a shopper that is purchasing products or services from you. There are two different types of coupons: A fixed dollar or a percentage discount.

Enabling coupons

The first step in setting up coupons is to enable them for your store. Go to the "Store" tab, and select "Coupon Manager". Then check the "Enable Coupons & Gift Certificates" checkbox and press "Apply changes".

Creating a coupon

To setup a coupon to give to your customers:

  1. Go to the "Store" tab, and select "Coupon Manager".
  2. Select the "Click here to create a coupon" link. This will create a new coupon.
  3. Give the coupon a name or code (ex. 15percentoff for a 15% off coupon). Give this code to customers to allow them to receive the coupon discount.
  4. Enter the discount amount and select the type of coupon (% off or $ discount).
  5. Set the expiration date for the coupon. It is a good idea to have an expiration date for the coupon. The default value is one year.
  6. Set a minimum order amount (or leave it as none). If you set an minimum order amount, customers will be required to order at least that much before they will be able to use the coupon.
  7. Set the Use Count. This specifies how many times the coupon can be used. If you want to give a customer a one time discount, set this to 1. The use count applies to all shoppers who you give the coupon to. So if you have a 1 time use count, and give it to two different customers, the first customer to use it will have exhausted the use of the coupon.

You can now give the coupon code you created above to customers you want to give the discount to.

Deleting a coupon

Go to the "Store" tab, and select "Coupon Manager". Select the "delete" link next to the coupon you wish to delete and confirm. Once you delete a coupon, it will not be available for customers to use during checkout.

Disabling coupons

If you wish to turn off coupons entirely on your store, Go to the "Store" tab, and select "Coupon Manager". Then, un-check the "Enable Coupons & Gift Certificates" and click "Apply changes".

Gift certificates

A gift certificate is a product which a customer to your site can order, give to another, and then redeem at a later date for merchandise at your store. The system maintains the amount remaining on the gift certificate whenever a customer uses it to purchase products from you. If a customer orders more than the amount remaining on the gift certificate, they will be presented with the difference they need to pay when they checkout.

Enabling gift certificates

Go to the "Store" tab, and select "Gift Certificates". Be sure the "Enable Coupons & Gift Certificates" is checked.

Setting up a gift certificate

To setup a gift certificate:

  1. Go to the "Store" tab, select "Setup Products".
  2. Choose the category you want the certificate to be in and press "add/edit products" for that category.
  3. Click the "Add Gift Certificate" link located above the list of products in the category.
  4. Enter in the name you want to show up on your site in the Gift Certificate field.
  5. Enter in a product id for your own internal use.
  6. Enter in a short and long description.
  7. Choose how you want the gift certificate details to appear on your site from the list of six that are currently available.
  8. Choose an image that will be displayed on your site, or leave the default image
  9. Click the "Apply changes" button.

The amount of the gift certificate will be an option which the customer will be able to choose when they checkout.

Processing gift certificate orders

Once someone orders a gift certificate, the next step is to send the gift certificate to them. This is done when you "Complete" the order during order processing from within your "Store Orders" screen. This ensures that you have a chance to review the order before the gift certificate is available for use. For orders that are done via means other than credit card (PayPal, check, money order, PO number, etc.) you should be sure that you have received payment before completing the order.

Deleting gift certificates

To delete a gift certificate from your store: Go to the "Store" tab, and select "Gift Certificates". Select the "delete" link next to the gift certificate you wish to delete and confirm. Once deleted, the gift certificate will no longer be redeemable from your store.

Track your orders

Referring URL

The referring URL, if available, is automatically saved on every order. A referring URL is the web page that a customer clicked on before they came to your site. This could be a link from another site or a search engine. If the customer typed in your site name directly into the browser there is no referring URL.

Custom tracking codes

A custom tracking code is a unique number that you assign for the purposes of tracking where someone came from. You can use them when you have a marketing campaign and you want to track how effective it is working. When you give out links to your site, you would include the tracking code with the link.

How to create a link with your custom tracking codes

Each link to your site can have a unique tracking code that you assign. When you setup a link to your site, assign a tracking code for that link and setup the link with the tracking code attached. See the example below.


Replace "xyzcode" with the unique code that you assign.

For complete instructions on setting up tracking codes, go to the "Store" tab, and select "E-Commerce Tracking"

Adding product search to your site

The product search feature is a component which can be added to any page on your site. To learn more about adding product search to your site, contact customer service.

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