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Ecommerce - Getting started
This guide will help you learn how to manage you ecommerce site

  1. Add products to your site
  2. Customize your shopping cart
  3. Setup shipping & taxes
  4. Select the payment methods that you accept & setup your merchant account
  5. Submit a test order
  6. Viewing your test order


Add products to your site

The first step to setting up your store is to add products to your product catalog. Create product categories, add products, setup pricing and enter details about each of your products.

learn more about setting up products

Customize your shopping cart

Your shopping cart is automatically setup and ready to go when you add product to your catalog. You can customize your shopping cart by setting up shipping options, enabling the buy now buttons, adding custom messages to your checkout pages and much more.

learn more about customizing your shopping cart


Setup shipping & taxes

Setup the shipping options that you want your customers to use. Setup automated shipping calculations for USPS and UPS shipping, create customized shipping tables and enable handling fees. Use the tax zone setup to configure how sales taxes should be collected on your site.

learn more about configuring shipping
learn more about configuring taxes

Select the payment methods & setup your merchant account

Choose which payment methods you accept. Select the credit cards that you accept, configure PayPal and enable other payment options. If you have a merchant account with one of our supported merchant processing gateways, choose your gateway from the list and enter your gateway account information. Once your gateway is set, the shopping cart will automatically submit transactions to your gateway for authorization.

learn more about payment methods and processing gateways


Submit a test order

Once your store is setup we recommend testing the system to verify that it is setup correctly. Go to your site, add a product to your shopping cart and purchase it. This will allow you to see how the system works and to understand what your customers will see when they purchase items from your site.


View your test order

To view your orders, click the store tab and then choose the view orders link. Orders are displayed by their status. Use the order status to organize orders as you are processing and fulfilling them.

learn more about processing orders


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