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File Manager
Upload, delete and view files on your site

  1. File manager overview
  2. File directories
  3. Upload a file
  4. Select a file
  5. View files
  6. Rename a file

File manager overview

Use the file manager to upload, delete and view files on your site. To open the file manager, click the "file manager" link on the main admin page.

File directories


These images are available through the site builder to add to your pages and store product catalog.

Media Files

Use this directory to upload your audio and video files.

General Files

Use this directory to upload general files, such as downloadable documents and other files.

HTML Files

Use the HTML directory to upload custom HTML pages and images. These files will be located in the root directory of your web site.

Secure Files

Use the Secure directory to upload files that can only be downloaded when someone is logged into your site.

Upload a file

  1. Click the "file manager" link on the main admin page
  2. Select the directory for upload
  3. Click the browse button and select the file to upload
  4. Click the upload button to transfer the file from your computer to your web site.

Select a file

When you are selecting a file with the file manager, select the directory where the file is located and then click the select link next to the file.

View files

Find the file and click the view link. This will open a new window with the file so that you can view it.

Rename a file

To rename a file, click the properties link, enter the new file name and click the "change file name" button.

NOTE: If you have a link to that file or image on your web site you will need to update the image or link when you change the file name. If you do not update the link it will show as a broken image

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