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Image Tools
Use this guide to learn about images, how to upload images to your site add how to add images to your pages.

  1. Managing images (overview)
  2. Resize images
  3. Quick resize
  4. Crop images
  5. Thumbnails
  6. Advanced image upload

How do I upload/add an image to a page

  1. Edit a page on your site.
  2. Click the "add" button for the section that you want to add your image.
  3. Choose the images category.
  4. Select the standard "Image" component to add a blank image to your page.
  5. After adding the image, you will see the image editor page.
  6. Click the browse button in the image upload section.
  7. Find the image on your computer and select it.
  8. Click the upload button to transfer the image from your computer to your web site.
  9. Click "OK" to save your changes.

Image formats

For your images to be viewable over the internet, you need to make sure that they are in a standard web format. If your images are not in a standard format then they may not be viewable to everyone that visits your site.

Web Image Formats

  1. .GIF - Graphic Interchange Format
  2. .JPG - Best for photographs and scanned pictures

NOTE: If you have an image that is not in one of the formats listed above you will need to use an image editing program to convert them. Open your image in the editing program and save it as one of the types listed above.

Image sizes

It is important that your site loads as fast as possible. A slow loading site is the #1 reason a visitor leaves a site. To make sure that your site loads quickly, you want to make sure that your images are optimized and are not too large.

Image Dimensions

Not everyone will have the same monitor resolution when visiting your site. This means that the same image will look different. As a general rule, try not to make your images wider than 600 pixels.

Image Optimization

When creating your images you can optimize them so that the file size is reduced. Keep this in mind when you are working with your image editing program.

Resizing images

  1. Edit the page that has the image your want to resize, or upload an image from your computer.
  2. Click the "Size (-)" or "Size (+)" buttons on the image edit page to display a list of preview sizes.
  3. Click the image preview that you want.
  4. Click "OK" to save your changes.

NOTE: To ensure that your images are exactly the size you want it is best to size/crop them before uploading to your web site.

Deleting images

Removing an image from a page

  1. Edit the page that has the image you want to remove.
  2. Click the "X" button to delete the image component.
  3. Click "OK" to confirm that you want to delete the image.

NOTE: Removing an image from a page does not delete it from your site. To delete the file from your site, use the following method.

Delete images using the file manager

  1. Click the admin tab at the top of the site editor.
  2. Click the "file manager" link.
  3. Click the "images" link to view your uploaded images.
  4. Find the image in the list.
  5. Click the "delete" link.
  6. Click "OK" to confirm that you want to delete the image.

NOTE: If you delete an image that is still being used on your pages a broken image icon will be displayed when anyone tries to view a page with the image that was deleted.

Image components

There are many types of image components that are available from within the site editor. Use each of the components to display images, and link those images to details, other web sites and other pages on your site.



Image Link


Image Gallery


Image Rotator


Image Thumbnail Viewer


Image Bar


Image Slider


Using images with AOL

AOL has a proprietary image format. They use this format to compress images before they are loaded on your computer. If you download images from the AOL web browser, save them to your computer, and then upload them to your web site, they may not be viewable to visitors to your site that are non AOL users.

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