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Sales Tax
Automatically add-on sales tax charges to customer orders

  1. Sales tax overview
  2. Setting up sales tax

Sales tax overview

Configure your store to automatically add-on sales tax charges to customer orders. You can setup tax to be based on state, zip code or country.

Setting up sales tax

Make sure your products are marked as taxable

Tax will only be computed for products that you have marked as taxable. Review each of your products and check the tax box for each product required sales tax to be collected.

  1. Click the "store" tab at the top of the site editor to access the store manager.
  2. Click the setup products link.
  3. Select a product category and click the "add/edit" link to view a list of products in that category.
  4. Click the edit link next to the product that you want to setup for tax.
  5. On the product edit page scroll down to the settings section.
  6. Check the tax box if sales tax should be collected for this product.
  7. Click "OK" at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Setup sales tax zones and tax rates

Contact an accountant or your state to determine your responsibilities for collecting sales taxes on Internet purchases.

  1. Click the "store" tab at the top of the site editor to access the store manager.
  2. Click the "Sales Tax" link to see your sales tax configuration screen.
  3. Click the "add tax zone" link to setup a new tax zone or click the edit link to modify a tax setting.
  4. Select the tax region
    • State:
    • Postal/Zip Code:
    • Country:
  5. Enter the tax rate.
  6. Select when sales taxes should be applied to this region.
    • Billing in the zone
    • Shipping to the zone
  7. If shipping fees are taxable, check the "include shipping fees in tax calculations" box.
  8. Click the "Add/Update" button to save your changes.

Test your tax setup

Submit a test order to verify that taxes are being computed correctly.

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