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Here are just a few client testimonials that have been submitted by our customers. Helping ordinary people build successful websites and online stores is our specialty. We have been doing it for over a decade and have thoursands of satisfied customers all over the world. You can trust us to help you succeed online.
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  • "I own a 3 year old search engine marketing company based in San Francisco. When my business partner and I were looking to create our website we came up with a list of things that we felt we needed in order to be successful. Topping the list was a hosting company that was going to allow us to create a brand easily and modify our pages as we grew. We also wanted features that would allow us to market our website and generate new customers. We chose netiDnow because they covered every feature that we had listed and the templates are very robust and easy to work with. Even our custom logo was easily added. Some of the things that are included, other sites charge extra money for; search engine optimization customization, Google Analytics (or any analytics) integration, and (my favorite) a mobile friendly version of your website. The ability to easily add customization like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc, is another great feature of netiDnow. In my line of work we work with hundreds of websites and many are not as easy to work with as our is. I recommend netiDnow to all my customers that want a stable solution that is easy to monetize. Wordpress is not able to do the same things that we can do with our site without plugins that could be unstable and extra charges, plus the templates that are available are not very user friendly if you want to make any changes. Overall we are super pleased with our decision, we have doubled our revenues every year and the website is a big part of that."

    Peter, President and Co-Founder

  • "I have been a satisfied customer of for over two years. I heartily recommend them to anyone who wants to create a website that is easy to build and manage. My website is very successful and continues to expand. Without any previous knowledge of HTML I was able to build a beautiful website with over one hundred pages in a very short time. The Web-studio tools allow you to quickly and effectively create a website with little understanding of how to actually build one. If you know what you want to say and how you want your site to look, the Web-studio framework can help you put your together your website very quickly. You can be very creative in putting together your site or you can select an existing template and adapt it to your needs. Because you are working in a structured environment, your creativity can be channeled very easily without getting you into trouble. You can easily try a new idea and change it even faster if you do not like the result. You do not need to spend time learning HTML, programming and debugging your program. All that is done for you. Best of all, when you want to make a change to your website 6 months later, you can do it in a matter of minutes. It sure beats having to look through reams of code to remember what you did or having to find the person who did it and pay them to re-acquaint themselves with the code to make the change. And. for those times when you find yourself stuck or not knowing how to make the tool do what you want it to do, the netiDnow support team is only an email away. They are very quick to respond and very knowledgeable about website design and how to use the Web-studio tool to create the best looking and functioning websites. I am very pleased with my website building experience and I have already built a couple of additional websites using netiDnow."


  • "I am truly happy, having originally signed up 10 years ago with The netiDnow interface can turn any amateur into a successful web designer overnight. The site control panel is simple and easy to use making designing, editing, e-commerce and reporting a pleasure. I've completed several websites in just a few hours....up and running within 24 hours....saving thousands of dollars on professional web designers over the past decade A true Do It Your Self solution. I'm very pleased with the service.
    FYI - I referred my sister last week. She's in the dental endodontist, and within 24 hours, web designer using your service."

    Joe, President & Web Designer

  • "As a long time customer of, I have no immediate plans to look for another webhosting company, period! I went through many potential sites to host my website before I stumbled upon netiDnow. What attracted me most to netiDnow was the unlimited possibilities to completely customize my site. Most of the competitors I looked at and tried out were very limited in design, function, and options for customization. Hands down netiDnow has been an asset to my company and I constantly have people who contact me (other artists) who want to know what website building company I use? They are always "floored" when I tell them that I have built and maintained my own site using netiDnow! The professionalism my site portrays in my field is second to none! Thank you netiDnow."

    Mindy, Faux Assured Studio

  • "We are a professional design business in South Florida. We have over 37 years experience in our industry. My wife and I started our consulting business in 2000 and we needed a website to reach out to potential clients locally and globally. We have excellent computer skills but had no experience with HTML code. We researched for the best way to approach this and spoke with several companies who had websites and asked what they paid to have their website created, hosted and maintained. The initial cost was not in our budget and we were discouraged finding out what they paid to have updates and changes made. We wanted control of our own website and be able to make updates and changes ourselves and not be held hostage by the website designer who created the website or other such companies that provide such services. We started noticing at the bottom of websites who created the websites that we liked that was simple and to the point. That is how we found netiDnow. We clicked on the link and away we went starting our own website. It was a Little bit of a struggle for us to understand the functionality at first but we caught on and was persistent to get this done and felt it was our only option to have a website. Well after a few days of tinkering around in the evenings we started to make things happen and was developing some good pages and after a week we were ready to launch. Well the rest was history. Our website in the first 30 days paid for the website for the whole year. To say we were excited was an understatement. Now after 11 years of being involved with netiDnow it has become the most important asset to our companies growth. We have obtained projects from all over the world. The website functionality has improved over the years tremendously and is much easier now to format what you want. From day one we have been in charge of our website and can make updates, upload photos of our work and list the projects that we have completed and get our message out easily and at not be held hostage by web developers who want a piece of the action based on the success of the website. I can honestly say that without netiDnow we might not have made it. We are prospering now especially in this economy due to the success of our website and our ability to get our message out. We are in all the search engines and we get noticed. We are aware of other companies now who have copied netiDnow idea. We want to dance with who helped us get to the dance. Thank you netiDnow."

    David, Commercial Kitchen Planners, Inc

  • Whether you are constructing a new home or building a new website, you must have the knowledge, the materials, and the tools to do the job. Picking the right tools is very important. Inferior tools may not do what you need, but you have to be careful that you do not spend too much money when it is not necessary. If you have some computer knowledge and something to sell, netiDnow is the right tool to build your new website. netiDnow's website builder is easy to use for any size website, and the reasonable and flexible pricing is scaled to your needs. Even if you have everything you need, building a website is like building a house. Construction will require some time and hard work. After doing much research, I picked netiDnow as my tool to build my new website, and I am very happy with the results.. With just a little help from their quick and knowledgeable staff, I built the website myself, and I was collecting my customers' money with it in about three weeks. Look at my website and see what I have done, then pick netiDnow when you are ready to build your own new website.


  • I have used netiDnow to create websites for several non-profit organizations because of its user friendly content manager. Clients can easily upload photos and edit content, even though they say they are not "computer people." And if there are any questions or problems, the netiDnow support team always responds extremely quickly."


  • Over the years I have needed some extra care with since I have been managing this website with a MSNTV2 non pc unit, and support has been their fo me, and only many occasions support reminds me that m equipmnt is outdated and the need to upgrade would be beneficial. I havent always wanted to hear that, but they tell me for my own good. I mos likely will be upgrading sometime within the next six months.


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