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Here are just a few client testimonials that have been submitted by our customers. Helping ordinary people build successful websites and ecommerce stores is our specialty. We have been doing it for over a decade and have thoursands of satisfied customers all over the world. You can trust us to help you succeed online.
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  • "I’ve been an ecommerce web site creator since 1986. Yes, 1986 – the prehistoric days of b&w monitors before Yahoo even!. For decades, I’ve dreamed of having everything in one place- domain, host, website, ecommerce, great online web site creation software, and great tech support. I launched an ecommerce site with netiDnow 2 years ago and not only has my business doubled, but on a daily basis I receive emails from customers who are blown away by my site; the design and all of the user-friendly features. You could spend months searching the internet, and you will not find another comprehensive, full service solution like netiDnow. If you compare all the nuts and bolts of other offers, the nitty gritty features of exactly what you get for your money, there is no comparison. The netiDnow WebStudio website creation software allows for great flexibility and control over all web site aspects and the optional features are endless. The tech support is nothing like you’ve ever experienced as the staff is extremely prompt to help, no matter what your problem is. The programmers update the software and add new features on a regular basis. If you are serious about an ecommerce venture : trust me. Don’t waste time with other hosts, especially the big name providers, as your efforts will not be justly rewarded. Also, don’t be fooled by “free”sites–or cheap ones- as there are many reasons why they are not time/effort efficient. With all the internet experience I have, I dont understand why the big names cant come close to what netiDnow has to offer. I guess if you pay someone like me $ 15,000 to create a full service web site for you, that is the only other way you can get all the features of what netiDnow has to offer. If you are tech savvy like me and you take testimonials with a grain of salt, go to my web site and see for yourself."


  • "I have used netiDnow now for well over 10 years. I have tried a number of their CMS competitors over the years and I have to say that NOTHING compares to netiDnow's tools and platform. They are very progressive and say on top of the new trends and website must-haves. They also work hard to ensure high page ranks with this VERY EASY TO USE self-service website build platform. And above all of that it is the PERSONAL service that has always resonated with me. Naturally a lot of the customer service people do "know me" (having been such a long time customer-and wow, that says a lot too!), but I have referred them to other people/clients over the years and everyone agrees: netiDnow's customer support/service is second to none. If you are looking for a simple, yet robust and COST-EFFECTIVE BASIC TO ECOMMERCE building and host platform that offers exceptional service-look into using netiDnow. You cannot go wrong!"


  • "I have been using netiDnow for almost five years and appreciate the ease of maintaining my own websites. I like many others, am often rushed and don't have a lot of time to spend on my websites. netiDnow lets me change things in the blink of an eye without a hitch. Any issues I may of had (which was my own lack of knowledge) - has always been promptly dealt with and the customer service is wonderful! I will continue to stay with netiDnow and look forward to positive growth with them in the future. Gratitude and Blessings."


  • "Our company has used for many years for our book selling site and it is truly one of the best site builders we have ever used. When we searched out netiDnow I was looking for a site building application that had a good variety of templates and was easy-to-use so that I could update our offerings regularly. After weeding through many of their competitors we chose netiDnow for the simplicity of use, the great designs and professional look of the finished site. It is great for us to be able to upload new products by ourselves quickly and efficiently rather than engage an IT department to make changes to our site. We have been long-time fans of netiDnow for many years and recommend them regularly to associates who are looking for DIY site building that is easy to do."

    President - Forum Publishing Company

  • "Our company is small, but we definitely had need for a website. I was put in charge of the project. With no staff, no design team, no web experience at all, the task was, to say the least, overwhelming until I found netiDnow. The templates were easy to use and the netiDnow Support staff were so helpful and quick to respond to any inquiry. They even went so far as to fix things for me that I had trouble discerning on my own....I would definitely recommend netiDnow to anyone who wants an "easy to use" design program to help grow a business.......Thanks !"


  • "As an business owner, I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is when there is poor, little or no technical support for web based applications. After reviewing a large volume of CMS, CRM and website builders, NETIDNOW's technical support is far superior to anything I've experienced thus far. I've been with NETIDNOW for many years and would highly recommend them to any new start up or established business. Technical support is a huge concern for me and NETIDNOW has given me the piece of mind that if I have any technical issues, they are just a prompt email away. Additionally, as NETIDNOW grows, they continue to add even more valuable features which I look forward to. Overall, it is my opinion that NETIDNOW is one of the best web builders out there with unparalleled technical support."

    Gail, CEO - American TOS Association

  • "This is to confirm that I have had tremendous assistance and help from the netiDnow support team. They have responded to all my enquiries promptly that it has been almost unbelievable to have obtained such instant help. I have always felt secure about my website and enquiries if ever i need help. Thank you team your assistance which has been very much appreciated."


  • "Back in 2003, I was looking for a web-site builder that would provide me the ability to put up my own site. I tried a half dozen or so web-site builders that couldn't provide me the ease I was looking for in doing my own web-site. Their sites were difficult to understand, confusing to navigate and also didn't provide clarity in how its tools were to be used. When I discovered netiDnow, I immediately realized that this website builder was exactly what I was looking for. netiDnow has created the best web-site builder for anybodys money. netiDnow makes it easy for anybody to build their own websites with some of the easiest user-friendly tools. I personally believe I couldn't have done my website with any other website builder. Since 2003, I have recommended netiDnow website builder to many other people who have shown an interest to create their own spectacular web-site using some of the most creative tools available to them. netiDnow is second to none!"


  • Just wanted to let you know I have used every single website builder thereis. Literally 30 different ones. I had no clue how to do a website in the beginning and netiDnow has been a true lifesaver! It is simple fast and doesall of the hard work and things you would not think of. When it comes to SEOand marketing it is simply genius. It even creates site maps on the fly! Wewould have not had any success without netiDnow. The support is incredibleand fast. The shopping cart is incredible and you will never ever findanything for this price that does what this does. You can pay more somewhereelse, but it will still not even come close. No other site builder even comes remotely close to netiDnow, and when I sayI used them all, I am not kidding. I hope others find you guys faster than Idid!Thank you again for all of your support.

    Rodney, President

  • I am a satisfied customer of netiDnow. I have been a customer for at least five years. The website tools are intuitive and the instructions make building your own website a reality. I recommend netiDnow to anyone who is interested in building a website or wanting their website hosted. I like the marketing tools that are offered as well.


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