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Free Website Design Guide

Free Website Design Guide

The purpose of this guide and the information contained within is to educate its readers on the process of creating a successful website and effective web presence.

In today's digital information age, developing an online presence for your product or service is simplly a must. Most of us no longer turn to the Yellow Pages book and catalogs to find what we are looking for, most of us search the internet. Having an online presence is now a core aspect of business promotion and a way to connect with consumers. Most companies and businesses need to have a presence on the Internet with at least a simple informational website in order to compete effectively. The process of setting up a website has become more simplified over the years, allowing anyone to create a website or online store easily and affordably.

Part I - What's involved in setting up a website

Part I - What's involved in setting up a website

There are actually 3 main components to creating a website and setting it up on the web. None of this is very complicated, but there are some things you should know in order to get a good start and avoid problems down the road. This section goes through all of these components one by one to identify their purpose and scope.

1. The Domain Name
2. The Website
3. Website Hosting

Part II - Planning and designing a successful website

Part II - Planning and designing a successful website

Alright, you got the scoop on what's involved in starting and managing your own website. Now, let's talk about what will make that website successful.

If you are new to doing business online or establishing a web presence, you will quickly discover that the information super highway is a very competitive place. In order to tap into the awesome potential of the web and the vast marketplace it represents, you will have to do figure out how to stand out in the crowd. To do that you will need to consider a lot of different factors which we attempt to explain in the rest of this guide.

Make no mistake about it, creating a website is a project and every successful project has a plan.Here are a few things to consider when developing a plan for your website;

  • What is the goal ultimate goal or purpose of your website?
  • Who exactly is your website for, and who exactly is your target audience?
  • What information will your audience be looking for?
  • What keywords will they use to find you?
  • What benefit are you offering your visitors?
  • What differentiates you from your competitors?

While planning, try to put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors or potential customers. Anticipating their interests and behavior, as well as, following the guidelines below will allow you to create a more interesting, effective, and successful website.

1. Website Content
2. Readability
3. Navigation
4. Design
5. Speed
6. Credibility

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