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Website Credibility

Website Credibility

Some of the tips below may not apply if your website is more informational in nature, but for websites used for promoting a business, service, or products credibility is a crucial factor in creating a successful online presence. Visitors to your website will look for specific elements determine its credibility. Their decision to do business with you or not will depend on whether they trust you or not.

Tips for creating a website that projects credibility and inspires trust,

  • Put your contact information in a visible and easily accessible place.
    This usually involves setting up a "Contact Us" page which includes a contact form along with other important contact information such as physical address, email, phone number, live chat, etc. Links to the contact page should be included in the main menu or another visible place on all of your pages. You can also use graphic buttons which usually get more attention.
  • Use an email account specific to your domain
    instead of a free email account from some other provider. Your own email address such as certainly looks a lot more professional and makes your website a lot more trustworthy than something like,, or worse yet People also tend to remember such address more as well as your domain which leads to your website. If you think about it, it's really free advertising.
  • Include a toll free number if possible.
    Depending on what your website is about or what services it offers, including a contact phone number may or may not be necessary. In general however, a phone number always makes people feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Build an "About Us" page
    which includes additional information on company history, mission statement, staff bios, and other interesting facts related to your business.
  • Create a customer testimonials page.
    Displaying other people's comments and recommendations of your website or service goes a long way to establish a sense of credibility.
  • Include links to associated websites or companies.
    Established and recognized partners or affiliations can definitely boost your own credibility without a big effort on your part.

Well, that's about it for our concise guide to building your own website. We may have not talked about every detail involved insetting up a successful web presence,but we have definitely highlighted for you all of the most important elements and principles of good/effective website design. Information you have just read is more than enough for a good start. Hopefully it has helped you understand the process involved and gave you the knowledge and confidence to get started.

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