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The Website - How to create your own

The Website - How to create your own

So now that you know about domains, let's talk about creating and setting up the website itself. If you have never created a website before, this probably seems like the biggest hurdle and unknown. Until a few years ago designing a website was indeed only for those with some programming and design experience. Fortunately technology has leveled the playing field and now anybody can create their own website without any special skills or programming knowledge. Designing your own website has become as easy as point and click.  In reality there is only a couple of ways to design a website.

  • Use an HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver
    HTML editors make building web pages feel like (to a certain extent) creating a document in Microsoft Word which allows for more of a visual design option and not so much html programing. The downside to these html editors is that some html experience is necessary, and there is usually a steep learning curve before you become familiar with the software. HTML editors offer a lot of flexibility for customization but are a better choice for more experienced designers.
  • Use CMS or Website Builder Software
    If you are totally new to creating and managing your own website then Content Management System or Website Builder is the only way to go. In the last few years open source CMS Wordpress, has become very popular as the software itself is free, and there are freelance developers who create cool widgets for it.  However, the problem with free software is that support is hard to come by and you will most likely depend on third party sources for info on all the features, options, and to learn how to use it.

Perhaps the easiest way to create your own website is to use a website builder.  Website builders are simply much easier to use.  They are specifically designed to allow average people to create a website without any technical skills.  They provide an easy to use drag and drop or point and click interface that allow users to easily add and edit text, images, navigation, create pages, and much more.  Website builder services are usually proprietary applications that are specifically supported by the vendor, and usually easier to use. In most cases they offer a more complete solution which will include website design tools, web hosting, email, and everything else you need to manage your online presence. Website builder serviceis probably the best option for a beginner.  Here are a few well established and reliable website builders you can try.

Although web design still may not be for everybody, CMS and Website Builders make it really easy for anybody who wants to give it a try.

The rest of this guide will attempt to provide you with more specific tips and detailed information on effective website design. Following our guidelines will help you create your own website the right way from the very start and ensure its success over time.

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